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Travis-Wings by DaLuz Travis-Wings :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 1
The wind blows in a sudden change.
What was is no longer what is
and what is is no longer what was.
I don't want to give in to this pain.
I can't close my eyes to hide away
cause I don't know what's there.
If I never sleep then I'll never die.
That doesn't change the fallen angels that lie at my feet.
I wanna hide as they scream my name.
God knows they scream.
I'm frightened by what I see before me
but I know there's so much more to come.
I've been taken for a ride
and was ditched at the otherside.
Here, I can't tell what's real and what's not,
but does it matter anymore?
I'm on the otherside,
where angels die,
where heaven cries.
I can hear the beat of my soul,
I can hear it scream.  
But I can't run and hide.
I'll stay and fight,
even if means my death.
My soul screams to be released,
screams to fight,
to not go down peacefully.
I may be on the otherside
but that doesn't mean I'll die.
But as if in direct contrast to my feelings
a whisper comes on the wind.
Is it a threat o
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Cry For Us
The sky above turns dark
as tear soaked lilies lift their heads to the sky.
The tears streak down their faces as they cry.  
They cry for dreams
broken and shattered,
fragile as a newborn baby,
those that should have
been chased from now into forever.
They cry for those who have no dreams,
who have no hope.
The dew on them cries for those taken too early.
They cry for those whose mortality shows,
for those whose grief is unexpressible,
for those whose joys are grave and shallow,
for those who feel no purpose here.
The lilies lift their tear-stained white faces,
and they cry for us,
we who die
where we stand,
die where we lay,
die where we live.
So raise your blossoms up towards the sky,
so it can utter our sorrow.
Cry for us now,
and never forget us...
we who die where we stand.....
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 1
So Much I
So much I wish I could show you.
So much I wish I could do for you.
So much I wish I could tell you.
So many things I would give for you.
But there's just never enough time.
But there's  never the right way.
But there's never the words to speak.
But there's no way for those things to be done.
But there's no way I can give those to you.
So I sit here listening quietly as you tell me how much you love me.
So I sit here watching quietly as you show me how much you love me.
So I sit here watching ashamed as you do little things to show how much you love me.
So I sit here watching depresed as you give so much to show you love me.
And I sit, without a way to show.
And I sit, not knowing what to do.
And I sit, my throat finding no words.
And I sit, not knowing what to give.
But there's still
So much I wish I could say...
So much I wish I could....
So much I....
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
To split them up? No, but at the same time yes. She wanted to, but not out of malice. It was something that she believed in deeply. Something that had rooted itself in her so completely that it was all that she could think of.  Not just any kind of love, but a primal, deeply rooted, uncaged love. A love that said, It isn't good enough that he is happy. He should be happy with her. That's all she wants, that's all she needs. She experienced true love with him. A taste, oh, such a sweet taste. And now she wants more. She wants to feel it, breathe it, taste it. She wants him more than anything else in the world.. He gave and showed her something that no one else had. Even if it was accidental. She saw in him something that shone so brightly that she was awe struck. Love did exist and it came in the form of this man. And the good times they did share. But it came to an end as it seems all good things do. And so she fought. She fought harder then she ever had before. Desperation f
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Bloody Knuckles
He stood there looking at the tree in front of him. It almost seemed to mock him, calling out to his obvious fears, He clenched his fists and raised them. His fist flew out, striking the tree dead on. Pain rocketed from his fist up his arm. He dropped it, holding back a yell. His knuckles throbbed as he shook his hand. The tree stood, seemingly laughing at him. He looked at his fist then back at the tree. He wanted to punch it again, but he was terrified of the pain.
You're too weak.
"Who's there?" he cried out looking around.
Sheki…how are you going to protect anyone?
"I can too protect people!"
Ay yai…You're afraid…I told you to be strong.
"Sa Bum Nim please! I am strong sir!"
Shekiah…You can't do anything right!
"No sir. I can." He cried out, slumping to his knees. He waited for an answer but the wind carried none.
"Sa Bum Nim…" He shook his head and stood. He would prove it. Once again he tightened his fists and punched. Once again pain wracked through h
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 1
Purple Flame Julz by DaLuz Purple Flame Julz :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Eden :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
My Immortal :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Every Heart :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Against A Haunted Past :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Weep For Those Who Fight :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Where Angels Come To Die :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
A Place Between Heaven+Hell :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
Mature content
Iquelnius Prologue-Ill Blood :icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0
My Ever
My cries echo as I backtrack.
This is my ever.
They want to end me.
And so I run back to where I met you.
Please lend me your ears, I call.
Hopeing and trusting that you will be there.
Once I get there, I slump to my knees.
You are not there. My running was for nothing.
I am about to decend into oblivion
when a voice drifts to my ears.
"Come with me."
I turn and I see you standing there with open arms.
I run into your embrace.
That loving feeling so warm on my body.
We run off together to be forever
in a day that's never.
:icondaluz:DaLuz 0 0

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Sleepy Bug by zzzsleepieezzz Sleepy Bug :iconzzzsleepieezzz:zzzsleepieezzz 3 33
The Self-Exiled Hero
Found that he could not escape
His innumerable fears.
Phased out of society,
Living, but a lonely life.
Each sunrise: a sunset,
For another day lost.
To wander in the darkness
With no star of hope
To guide him through
An eternal punishment
That was self inflicted.
:iconjadeoracle:jadeoracle 1 0
I'm Stuck
I hope you're happy, I hope you are well.
I hope so many things for others, but
None for me because all my hopes have failed.
Beyond reality is the only place I find
A respite from my depression and
A brief happiness that is only mine.
But I wish not to dream, so I do not sleep
All my thoughts drift to you and then
Reality fills me with sadness that drives deep.
I want to stop these daydreams of mine
For it hurts to miss you but you don't care,
And that's a realization isn't kind.
If only I didn't dream about and miss,
Our conversations, our jokes,
The way you held me when we kissed.
I don't know what I can do
To move beyond all this
Regain hope and forget you.
:iconjadeoracle:jadeoracle 1 4
timelessness of it all
I feel so lost
for me, time has stopped…
and I can't figure out how
everyone else goes about their days…
because I'm stuck
and I feel like I have to
remind myself to breath
or else I'd forget the time
and place I'm still in
instead of the moment
frozen in my mind.
time has stopped
but the world moves on.
I'm stuck in a place
that only I know…
and that others can't relate.
if only time had stopped
for everyone
then I wouldn't feel so
in the timelessness of it all
:iconjadeoracle:jadeoracle 1 5
Dance by cloudymisery Dance :iconcloudymisery:cloudymisery 1 3


Sitting here.
Pee Wee's playhouse.
Talking about milking cows.
What kind of deranged life is this?????


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